8 DFY Workflow Funnels
Automate and manage everything from client enrollment to program completion, supplement sales, and prospects.
275+ DFY Email & Tool Templates
We've got you covered with delivery and follow-up emails, task management, client status updates, order tracking, client forms, and more!
Support Calls
You'll get access to our bi-monthly Q&A calls, 3 SOS calls, access to 60+ previous call recordings. 

Look inside the Practitioner Business Mangement System

Look inside the Practitioner Business Mangement System

You can personalize our system to meet your specific business needs. It’s like implementing your own custom system, but at one-third of the cost and time!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with just a handful of clients?

You are not alone if you are feeling overhwhelmed trying to track everything in your practice manually. We have worked with many practitioners who were selling customized personal packages, sending invoices while praying for payment and constantly in and out of debt. They were stuck in the hampsterwheel of tracking everything manually on a fancy excel spreadsheet but still had client items that were slipping through the cracks. Shipping kits and receiving results was  taking up hours of their time and taking their focus away from giving 
their clients the quality and attention they deserved.

They were spending WAY to much time doing administrative work, which took up too much of the time they wanted 
to be spending focusing on helping their clients. 
“My goal is to provide an environment within my company that will allow me to grow uninhibited and to provide the best possible customer experience. I also realized that just providing good health guidance and health direction to my clients won’t make me successful. For me to satisfy my customers, reach my goals, and be successful, I realized I would have to have a software system that would run my business behind the scenes while I focus on my customer base. When I spoke with Jenn about the system that she put together, it was clear that this was exactly what I was looking for and made the jump. Between Jenn and Michelle, I have not been disappointed. I have a great foundation to work from and it has saved me light years in time and effort in developing a system for myself. I am 100% satisfied with my purchase.” - Tracy G.
“This is the first program I have taken to implement Tools around technology in my business. But I found the program was more than learning how to implement the technology. It allows me to see the entire picture of the customer journey and make changes according to how I wanted my clients to experience me and what my program has to offer. If you are ready to take your program or business to the next level, why not learn from someone who has years of experience doing exactly what you want to do and learn from them. I believe in hiring coaches and mentors who have gone before us and paved the way as a forerunner. If that is what you are looking for, then you will find great success in this program.”  Chelsie W.


8 Done-For-You Workflow Funnels

  • ​[ADMIN] Birthday Reminders
  • ​[ADMIN] Misc Note Application
  • ​[TESTS] Delivery / Results Management
  • ​[AGREEMENT] Get Signed Program Agreement
  • ​[ASSESSMENTS] Questionnaire Response Management
  • ​[SALES] Discovery Call Form
  • ​[COACHING] Client Management
  • ​[FULFILLMENT] Supplement Order/Reorder Management

Over 275 DFY Email & Tool Templates

  • 53 emails for automatic delivery to instruct/follow-up with clients
  • ​131 tasks to keep you organized on a day-to-day basis
  • ​18 notes to update client status and track received items
  • ​3 forms to capture agreement signature, leads and client information ... and so much more!

Support Calls

  • Bi-Monthly Live Q&A calls to get instant support on the spot when you need it most
  • ​Three 30-minute one-one-one SOS calls with Jenn for strategy or Michelle for tech support
  • ​Tons of 90-min. previously recorded and archived Q&A calls to address questions you have along the way
  • ​Lifetime access to recordings and modules

Private Facebook Group

  • Direct access to Michelle and Jenn for additional support
  • ​Peer mentorship, brainstorming, and idea exchange

This Program Is For You If...

You thrive under structure but don't quite know how to create it on your own.

​You feel you could benefit from having a systemized plan you don't have to develop yourself.

You want to spend more time with clients and less time doing mundane and repetitive tasks.

​You're currently in training to be a Functional Health Professional or recent graduate who wants a proven roadmap to success.

You've been in business for a while and want to level up by harnessing the power of automation.

​You want business mentors who understand the Functional Health Professional model.

​You want to have a career as a Functional Health Professional that will last a lifetime.

​You want to be prosperous and authentic in your work. 

You want to create freedom in your life.

This Program is NOT For You If...

You like feeling bogged down and tired from working in your business.

​You don't mind living in chaos and constantly wondering where your money will come from.

​You don't have the time to commit to systemizing your business. 
“I’m a new mom, a stay at home mom, and an entrepreneur. I wanted to find a way to be home but to also find success in my business. I was beginning to think that dream wasn’t a reality until I talked with Jenn and just said yes to the program. Honestly, I thought I was getting ahead of myself with signing up for PBMS – didn’t think it was something that I would need until I “scaled my business”. However, what I found is that I was able to scale my business because of the systems Jenn teaches. I have made in one month what I made in an entire year. The price is more than worth it.” – Shannon M.
“The most useful aspect of this course for me was nailing down who I work with and why. Followed closely by how I organized my practice. Once I was set with my offers and my automation, I was free to spend more time connecting, and little did I know, it helped me overcome the fear of not having enough time to serve more people.”- Justine L.


  • Having a one-stop-shop for all of your client management and business needs
  • Easy tracking of client progress, prospects, and reporting
  • A duplicatable workflow process from enrollment to client program completion
  • ​Having to spend zero to little time on client intake and onboarding 
  • ​Freeing up your time so you can focus on obtaining new clients and yourself
  • ​Simplicity with implementing automation – it’s literally a copy and paste procedure


Bonus #1: Practitioners’ Business Essentials Program ($929 value)

PBE is a 4-module, self-paced program to help tee you up for PBMS. It will help you clearly define your business strategy and coaching packages in preparation to personalize your PBMS program. PLUS it will give you the skills you need to start enrolling clients and making money now!

You’ll get busy organizing your business and growing your practice by working through the BONUS Practitioners’ Business Essentials (PBE) program you received with your purchase.

PRACTITIONERS’ BUSINESS MANAGEMENT starts once you complete PBE. During the program, you’ll receive access to a pre-recorded Modules that you can move through at your own pace to customize and put the finishing touches on your system so you can have the organization and automation you need to grow and scale your business.

Bonus #2: Done For You Group Program of your choice (over $900 value)

Choose One Done-For-You Program Group Program...

[CHALLENGE] Cleanse Program
4-week cleanse challenge group program designed using ASI, ASC, and DRESS protocol aspects. Complete with marketing templates (structure of marketing timelines, webinars,  handouts, Facebook ad examples, etc.) 
and Keap campaign funnel structure for program delivery. 


[GROUP] Gut Rebuilding Program
4-month group program designed using a stool test, ASI, ASC, and DRESS protocol aspects (that can be modified
for any other test). Complete with marketing templates (structure of marketing timeline, webinars, handout, 
Facebook ad examples, etc.) and Keap campaign funnel structure for program delivery.

Bonus #3: Website Quick Start Opt-In Bundle & Video Library! (over $2,900 value!)

  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • ​Website Builder Bonus
  • ​[ADMIN] Birthday Reminders Campaign
  • ​Quick Start Website Opt-in Bundle
  • [MAGNET] Contact Us Submissions
  • ​[MAGNET] Download and Webinar Sample Campaign
  • ​[MAGNET] Networking / Event Lead Intake
  • ​[MAGNET] Newsletter Opt-In
  • ​[ADMIN] Double Opt-in

Bonus #4: 3 Months FREE with Biocanic (over $60 value!)

Biocanic streamlines all points of the functional health process. It combines everything from client intake assessments, health trackers, and supplement protocols into a delightful health coach and client user experience. PLUS it will integrate directly with PBMS to create a seamless process for how you work with clients inside and outside of your sessions!

Total System Value $21,323 – BUT you pay only…

6 payments of $1,024 !!!

Or Save $150 when you pay in full

The Team Behind The Practitioner Business Management System

In 2018 Michelle Bell and Jenn Malecha co-founded the Practitioner Business Management System to provide business coaching, automation training, and consulting to wellness professionals.  We aspire help you create successful streams of income that allow you to profit from your passion and pursue a life guided by the community you engage with. 

The Practitioner Business Management System is a 13-week program designed to help you get clear on what makes
YOU unique, how to productize and monetize your skillset and how to build a strong foundation through
automation in order to share your message with the world. 
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